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Art and design at Sunnyhill intends to ignite a passion for self-expression, nurture creativity and inspire the artists of tomorrow. By immersing our children in a diverse array of artistic styles and influences, we enable them to carefully plan, experiment, innovate and craft their own unique artworks.  Our art curriculum offers authentic experiences which develop confidence, expertise and the technical skills essential to producing high-quality artworks.  We take inspiration from our city’s rich artistic landscape and take opportunities to experience art in galleries and museums, instilling an appreciation for a wide variety of artforms and artists.  

Our approach involves clear steps toward the creation of art, encouraging reflection at each stage to continuously refine and enhance their work. 

Sunnyhill steps to creating art:

Step 1: Research the artist and the art form 

Step 2: Generate own ideas inspired by the artist/art form 

Step 3: Practise the skills required to create the art form

Step 4: Refine skills and develop accuracy 

Step 5: Begin to create a whole piece of art and reflect on what is working and what needs improving in the artwork

Step 6: Improve and refine the artwork

Step 7: Create a final piece of artwork to share and display


Through these steps, we aim to nurture artistic development, encourage critical reflection, and empower our students to create meaningful and expressive complete works of art that they proudly exhibit.

The art pathway below shows the learning that will take place in each year group. 



At Sunnyhill we believe in the importance of developing and extending the curriculum through a wide range of purposeful enrichment opportunities.  These opportunities include; educational visits, visiting speakers,  sports competitions, after school clubs, music recitals and school exhibitions.  Through these experiences we want our pupils to:

  • look at subjects in more depth
  • develop their interests and talents
  • learn life skills that will equip them to be responsible, respectful and active citizens.

Examples of Work