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Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

At Sunnyhill, it is our intent to develop responsible members of the community who have the tools to make positive choices in life.  

From Reception to Year 6, we follow the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme of work to ensure that we meet all of the requirements of the National Curriculum and provide an approach to the teaching of PSHE and RSE which meets the needs of the diverse community that we share.  Jigsaw brings together PSHE Education, compulsory Relationships and Health Education, emotional literacy, mindfulness, social skills and spiritual development. It is designed as a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time at their own level. There are six Puzzles (half-term units of work) and each year group is taught one lesson per week. These puzzles are:

All lessons are delivered in an age- and stage-appropriate way so that they meet children’s needs. 

During weekly assemblies a jigsaw theme is discussed and connections are made to the school’s vision and values.  The children are encouraged to live that learning in their behaviour and attitudes throughout the week. 

The PSHE pathway below shows the learning that will take place in each year group. 

Jigsaw 3-11 and RHE overview map.pdf

How does the jigsaw 3-11 meet the personal social and emotional development (PSED) early learning goals.pdf


At Sunnyhill we believe in the importance of developing and extending the curriculum through a wide range of purposeful enrichment opportunities.  These opportunities include; educational visits, visiting speakers,  sports competitions, after school clubs, music recitals and school exhibitions.  Through these experiences we want our pupils to:

  • look at subjects in more depth
  • develop their interests and talents
  • learn life skills that will equip them to be responsible, respectful and active citizens.

Examples of Work 

PSHE is recorded in floor books so that we can document the children’s thoughts, feelings and ideas as they move through the school. We ensure that each child has a voice and that these voices are captured and celebrated in this floor book.

 Jigsaw information leaflet for parents and carers.pdf

RHE a guide for parents and carers leaflet.pdf