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Languages (MFL)

With Spanish being our most spoken language by the children in our school, we use Primary Languages Network to equip the children with the knowledge to develop their language skills in Spanish. 

At Sunnyhill, we believe that the learning of a language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all of our pupils.  Our Spanish lessons help children to further develop their communication skills, including the core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  

We believe that learning another language gives children a new and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own cultures and those of others. 

Primary Languages Network is a live scheme which is continually updated and revised in order to meet current National Curriculum standards. There is staff training provided and lessons are supported by accompanying videos spoken by native speakers (to ensure accurate pronunciation), links to authentic literature, songs, games, cultural points of reference and seasonal events. Where possible, children will learn about other areas of the curriculum through Spanish e.g. Year 5 learn how to name the planets in Spanish and they also learn about the plants in Science.

For our native Spanish speakers we adapt the lessons so that those children can practise and refine their Spanish skills. They are also encouraged to volunteer as Junior Translators for those children who are new to English or visitors to our school and they support other children in lessons with their understanding of Spanish.

In EYFS and Key Stage 1, where the learning of languages is not compulsory, we lay the foundations for future learning through singing songs, reciting rhymes, greeting in Spanish, counting up to 10 and having items in the classroom environment labeled in Spanish.


At Sunnyhill we believe in the importance of developing and extending the curriculum through a wide range of purposeful enrichment opportunities. These opportunities include; educational visits, visiting speakers, sports competitions, after school clubs, music recitals and school exhibitions. Through these experiences we want our pupils to:

  • look at subjects in more depth
  • develop their interests and talents
  • learn life skills that will equip them to be responsible, respectful and active citizens.